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Banana Loaf 


Old bruised bananas in their finest form- if you have some ready for the bin spare them a thought and make this loaf cake which requires very little baking finesse!

Cream 130g each of butter and caster sugar in a bowl – Mix in 2 beaten eggs, 160g self raising flour, 1 tbsp of both nutmeg and baking powder and 2 mashed up bananas – Pour into a greaseproof paper lined loaf tin – Bake. Leave in for around 35 mins at 180 Celsius, or until the knife test gives the go ahead and the crust is crunchy. Dead easy! 

Add an extra mashed banana for a denser, moister texture that melts in the mouth and make it look pretty by drizzling icing over the top. The hardest part is leaving it to cool without slicing yourself a wedge.